Cartels are growing marijuana illegally in California — and there’s a war brewing

This is an article about Mourad Gabriel’s commitment and experiences with large illegal grows on public lands. Article explains dangers of dealing with cartels and how illegal grows are environmental disasters with far reaching impact on wildlife and habitat. Article explains necessity and use of illegal & very potent poisons and better known restricted rodenticides. Neurotoxins used to kill lions in Africa have been found at California grow sites. These poisons, illegal in North America and Europe, are routinely found on these sites. Article explains the economic incentives for people guarding and running large illegal grows and the impact on most animals living in the forest. Article explains the high sugar content in cannabis which attracts rats and will always be an issue with growers operating in forest areas with plants easily accessible to forest animals.

Take home: Article raises the question of regulatory agencies being able to identify dangerous rodenticides and effectively gather information for ensuing legal action. Article further establishes impact of illegal grows on wildlife in pristine environments and total disregard for environmental concerns by cartels.

For the entire article, click here.


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